Enduro Mediterraneo 2014

The big time has come. Enduro Mediterraneo 2014 is only 2 weeks from its official launch with the first race taking place in Xanthi on the 13th of April. Everything is ready, and the trails are in mint condition already. Participants are rising with riders from Germany, Italy, Bulgaria & the UK, while the hype and talk about the Xanthi race is on fire. Gary William from WTB UK Enduro Team will be participating in the second round of Enduro Mediterraneo in Steni, Evia. It is our honor and pleasure to welcome our first UK rider to our Greek Enduro Race.

For those interested in catching the Bike Bus from Athens be quick and register for the transfer.

See you in Xanthi
Watch the promo video….

Enduro Mediterraneo 2014

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