Enduro Mediterraneo races cancelled for 2015

We are very sad to announce the cancellation of the rest of the races of 2015 season. Due to the lack of participants who didn’t register early enough to form a substantial number of contestants, the series will be cancelled until further notice. We would like to express our greatest thanks to all the supporters who helped us until now and made 7 consecutive great Enduro races a reality. The local organizers (Oreokasto Cycling Club & Alexandros Petroutsos) of the cancelled enduro races of 2015 season, are not accountable for this outcome.

Enduro Mediterraneo races cancelled for 2015

It is 100% a decision of Enduro Mediterraneo central administration for the discontinuance of the rest of the season. Back to the drawing board it is, in order to decide about the future of our race series.

You can find more info HERE

Keep riding.

Steven Kounis

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