Evia — Greece, an ideal 4 season destination for Enduro Mountainbiking


Greece is world renowned for it’s beautiful islands and breathtaking beaches. Just recently people in Greece have been introduced to the term of Enduro Mountainbiking through the only series for this kind of riding called the «Enduro Mediterraneo».
Enduro Mediterraneo is the only enduro mtb race series in Greece and the Balkans, with participants from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Germany & the UK. Trails in Greece have just started to evolve as more and more people have been involved in serious trail-building projects.


Just recently, Gary Forest William of WTB UK Enduro team visited Evia to take part in an Enduro Mediterraneo race where he finished 1st place. Quoting Gary Forrest «the trails in Evia island are a flowy version of Finale Ligure».
Evia hosts 2 of the National Greek Downhill races and is home to the first Enduro race ever held in Greece. With 2 official DH tracks and 4 Enduro trails, and more and more trails being built every year by volunteers, there is so much potential for the area as the island is mostly mountainous but surrounded by so many beaches and 900 km of shoreline. It is thus considered to be a 4 season destination for the whole family as you can also do some kitesurfing or scuba-diving all year round.

Gary Forest wins the MEditerraneo race in Steni

The only tour company at the moment that does handle enduro tours in Greece is Evia Tours based on the island of Evia just 1hour from Athens International Airport.

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Visit the following websites to learn all about Enduro Mountainbiking in Greece, Evia Tours and Enduro Mediterraneo race series.

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