Enduro Mediterraneo Xanthi Race 2014

The first race of Enduro Mediterraneo race series 2014 took place in Xanthi mtb park with many riders arriving for the first time to race an Enduro race in Xanthi. The weather was perfect with some little showers, the crowd was fantastic, and the trails were enchanting. It was a record for our race with 127 participants and about 30 foreign participants from Bulgaria, Germany & France.

Many thanks to all our sponsors and supporters Nightfox, IXS, Mondraker, and all our media supporters.
A sincere thank you to Vangelis Georgiadis and all the local riders that help maintain the trails all these years and all the locals that helped with the organisation. Also a big thank you to the Flowride Bike Shop for its continuous support.

One thought on “Enduro Mediterraneo Xanthi Race 2014

  1. Антон

    НАчало прикольное, а сами спуски как-то завалены горизонтом и нетехничные съемки. Ожидалось вкуснее всего.

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