Enduro Mediterraneo

Enduro Mediterraneo is entering the race schedule really dynamically. In less than two months, the first race of the series will be held will participants already growing in numbers, not only for the race in Xanthi, but even for the third race of the season which is in Volos in mid October. Xanthi will be taking all the pressure of the opening event for this years’ Enduro Mediterraneo with participants from Germany, Italy, and all over Greece.

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The race will consist of 4 Special Stages with total participation length of 25 km, 5 km more than the race in Steni of past September, and will all be done by pedal, as the elevation gain/loss suits this condition. Total elevation gain/loss is 1400m, and the timed stages are 7,1 km long, making the race quit demanding. Registration will occur nearly all day on Saturday at Flowride Bike Shop, and the organizers along with local riders will give you an official track run of the race course at 13:00 on Saturday noon.

The Enduro Mediterraneo organizing committee has decided to give everyone a chance to come to the race even if they are far away, giving an option of transportation for you and your bike. A special bus with a bike treiler will depart from Athens on Friday noon with Xanthi as the final destination and return on Sunday night. Intermediate stops will be made in Larisa & Thessaloniki or anywhere else will be needed. You will find the participation form on the link below.

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Sunday is the race day where athletes are invited to give their best. The race start will be given in 11:00 in the morning, with seeding runs at 9:00.

The option of registration with a 20% discount is extrended till the 10th of March, giving you the chance to participate with a lower cost.

Detailed schedule, rules and special details can be found at the following link


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