Graeme Obree and his story

Hi there!

I am writing on behalf of Journey Pictures Ltd (

In the past, your website has shown interest in cycling icon Graeme Obree and his story of breaking the bicycle-powered speed record. Our documentary covers two years in the life of twice world record holder and twice world champion Graeme Obree. It begins in his kitchen in Saltcoats, Ayrshire and ends in the mountains of Nevada, USA.

We are delighted to announce that we finished filming all the material required for the movie and we have just launched a KICKSTARTER campaign in order to raise the funds to edit all the 200 hours of material that we have.

We are trying to raise £20,000 to cover the cost of a craft editor, and the editing suite he will use, the sound mix, the completion of the final big screen version, colour corrected with titles and graphics as well as the master for the streams, downloads and DVD’s.

We are asking everyone who previously shared interest in this story to please help us to share the word about this KICKSTARTER campaign. We are passionate and we would love to be able to present a complete DVD for all the fans out there.

If you require any more material to promote this campaign on your website, please send us an email to david We are more than happy to provide what you need.

Thank you for believing in Graeme’s story.

Zoe Lavoie-Gouin
Production Manager
Journey Pictures Ltd

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5 thoughts on “Graeme Obree and his story

  1. Maxim

    Graeme Obree это тот Летучий Шотландец, художественное кино 2006 года. Поставил цель побить часовой рекорд и таки побил, 2 раза. Известен тем что сам разработал свой велосипед и необычную сверх аэродинамическую посадку.

    А теперь вот ребята документалку снимают о нём, собирают деньгу на кикстартере.

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